Golden Hill Trails Gateway

On the south side of the park is a gateway into three trails:

The 0.5 mile trail is a frequently used loop trail bordering the road. This trail is popular with residents and lined with trees. Type: Road surface with some grass area. Difficulty level: Easy. Follow the #21 round light orange trail markers.

Bird Park at Cedar

This small play area is great for young children aged 2-5. Its sand and cushioned flooring provide a safe area for kids and toddlers who love running around or are still learning how to walk. There is a simple plastic jungle gym with many slides surrounded by objects to climb, rock and swing on.

This playground is located on the east side of Balboa Park near 28th Street & Cedar Street

Veterans Museum at Balboa Park Gift Shop

The Veterans Museum at Balboa Park offers an array of patriotic, educational and fun gifts to mark a visit to the museum! We are also the perfect stop for Veterans and Veterans' family and friends who may be looking for that nostalgic memento to commemorate time in service to their nation. Visit on your way in or on your way out and see what treasures we have to offer!

San Diego Velodrome

Located in the heart of Balboa Park’s Morley Field Sports Complex, the San Diego Velodrome is the resource for bicycle track racing in the greater San Diego area. One of three velodromes in the Southwestern United States, the San Diego Velodrome is a premiere training and racing destination. Our development programs are tailored for riders of all ages, skills, and abilities. Offering one of the longest race schedules in the US, the SDVA fosters grass-roots racers through National and Olympic-level riders.

Morley Field Sports Complex

Morley Field was named after John Morley, who served as a park superintendent in Balboa Park from 1911 to 1939.  His guidance and inspiration for the cultivation of the park made for many of the beautiful gardens that are in the park today.

Sixth Avenue Playground

This is a large play area that kids of all ages can enjoy. It is separated into two main areas. The side designed for kids aged 5 and up is fun and futuristic with loads of obstacles and things to climb on. The other side, recommended for children under 5, has a fire engine-themed jungle gym with ropes, slides and climbing bars.

This playground is located near 6th Avenue & Spruce Street

Balboa Park Tennis Club

The Balboa Park Tennis Club can be found within the Park's 1,200-acre vibrant landscape, filled with gardens, canyons and hiking trails, and is a few steps away from the San Diego Zoo, the 17 museums at Balboa Park, and the Morley Field Golf Course.

Balboa Park Golf Course

Balboa Park Golf Course is a challenging par 72, where Sam Snead holds the course record. There is also a 9 hole executive course

The course features stellar views of San Diego, Balboa Park, Point Loma and the Pacific Ocean. The oldest public golf facility in San Diego, Balboa Park Golf Course also offers a driving range, Pro Shop, coffee shop, halfway house and practice putting greens.

Balboa Park Activity Center

The Balboa Park Activity Center is a 38,000 square-foot multi-purpose gymnasium built to accommodate badminton, table tennis, volleyball,  and other activities, including tournaments. The center is set amid beautiful landscaping, public art and spacious outdoor plazas, and is a first-class sports facility.

Municipal Gym

Built for the 1935 California Pacific International Exposition as the Palace of Electricity and Varied Industries, the architecture reflects a close relationship between ancient Maya and 20th century ornamentation and its progression. During World War II the gym was used by the U.S. Navy. It was renovated in 1947.

 A variety of sports programs take place in the gym including basketball leagues for youth and adults, open play, volleyball, fitness classes, disabled services tournaments and special events.