San Diego Automotive Museum

This museum presents the story of the automobile in ways that engage the visitors and their experiences with cars.

Compelling exhibits invoke a visceral reaction for the visitors about cars they have owned, loved, and driven.  There is something for everyone.  In addition to cars, the museum features a large motorcycle exhibit, memorabilia, and videos that put the automotive experience into cultural perspective.  The museum was founded by San Diego car collectors in 1988 and has now grown to a museum that features automotive culture from around the world.


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This unique museum offers a nostalgic look at the amazing vehicles of the 20th-century.  It features more than 80 historic autos and motorcycles. Louie Mattar’s Fabulous $75,000 Car (a 1947 Cadillac) is a one-of-a-kind car that still holds the distance and endurance driving record set in 1952. The museum also houses one of the finest motorcycle collections on the west coast with a special exhibit featuring the racing bikes and movie career highlights of Steve McQueen.

Special theme exhibitions rotate every four months and have featured Wings and Fins...Cars of the 1950’s, Lowriders of Southern California, Steampunk...Variation on a Theme, and The British Invasion.