San Diego Museum of Man

From monsters and beer history, to learning about the power of secrets, to our relationships with animals and the truth about cannibalism – there’s something for everyone at the San Diego Museum of Man!

Specializing in cultural anthropology, the Museum of Man explores the human experience from multicultural perspectives to spark dialogue, self-reflection, and human connections. During your visit, you’ll explore a variety of unique, interactive exhibits that cover a vast range of human history and culture.  Plus, you can see San Diego from new heights on a guided tour of the iconic California Tower—now featuring a brand-new tour!

Header image by Samantha Darling


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At the San Diego Museum of Man, you can explore unique and interactive exhibits, including Living with Animals, Cannibals: Myth & Reality, BEERology, Race: Are We So Different?, Monsters!, and more. There’s always something new and fun to explore!