Mingei International Museum

Mingei International Museum is currently closed for a major renovation, reopening in late 2020. For a list of offsite exhibitions, programs and activities offered by the Museum, visit mingei.org/whats-on

Dedicated to ‘art of the people’ (mingei) from all eras and cultures of the world, Mingei International Museum shares arts of daily life through dynamic, changing exhibitions of historical and contemporary folk art, craft and design. Mingei’s superb collections and stunning exhibitions showcase the finest examples of creative expression from unknown craftsmen to renowned contemporary designers. Mingei celebrates the “every-day-ness” of art—the belief that everyday objects and materials that often serve a useful purpose can also be objects of great beauty. The museum nurtures the belief that art can happen anywhere, in any culture, in any place, created by any person. Art of the World. Art of the People.

Relocating to Liberty Station during construction, the Museum shop, The Collectors’ Gallery, honors Mingei’s mission with a unique selection of vibrant items for home and wear. Art books, one-of-a-kind table ware, home décor, children’s toys and pieces related to exhibitions are available along with an impressive selection of jewelry, clothing and accessories from local and international artists.   


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The collection and exhibitions at Mingei provide opportunity to experience interwoven narratives about people, customs and beautiful objects; eras of human history; and current craft forms and innovative design. The Museum’s permanent collection includes more than 26,000 objects from 141 countries, and reaches from the 3rd century BCE to present day.