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Balboa Park Mobile App

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To discover the app right now, search for "Balboa Park App" in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

The Balboa Park App is a collaboration between Balboa Park Online Collaborative and Guru to make visits to Balboa Park easy, interactive and fun.  Whether you are a seasoned visitor or first-timer to Balboa Park, you can now access a complete guide to attractions, museums, restaurants, plays, concerts, gardens and more.

With this new, comprehensive mobile app, you can:

  • Find Museums, playgrounds, events of the day, exhibitions, and points of interest
  • Map visits and "must-see" locations ahead of time
  • Add locations and attractions to your “to do” lists, and then check them off
  • Post tips and pictures for future visitors and share where they’ve been, all within the app
  • Tell the app where you parked when you arrive, and then ask for directions back when it’s time to leave
  • Search for locations of amenities like food, ATMs, hiking trails, dog parks, restrooms and more


Balboa Park WiFi

Free public WiFi is available in the majority of the museums and theaters in Balboa Park, as well as most outdoor areas. See map and details.