Zoro Garden

A sunken stone grotto garden that was designed as a nudist colony during the 1935 California-Pacific Exposition--is now a butterfly garden containing both the larvae and nectar plants needed for the complete life cycle of butterflies. Miniature indentations built into rocks collect small pools of water for the monarch, sulfur, and swallowtail butterflies that can be seen among the colorful perennials and majestic ficus trees that surround the garden.


Images Description

A nudist colony during the 1935 Exposition, Zoro Garden's current residents are equally colorful (but less controversial!). Monarch, sulfur, skipper, and swallowtail butterflies feast on butterfly bush, blanket flower, Verbena and Lantana.

Larvae plants include milkweed, foxglove, sunflower, monkey flower, and California Lilac.