San Diego Floral Association

The San Diego Floral Association was founded 1907 and is the oldest garden club in Southern California. A founding member of the SDFA, was the world-famous botanist and local legend Kate Sessions.

The San Diego Floral Association's (SDFA) objectives are:
1) Educate and encourage regional gardeners through lectures, classes, publications, scholarships and library resources. 
2) Promote the use of regionally appropriate plants and gardening techniques, including natives and Mediterranean climate adapted plants. 
3) Encourage, educate and support floral design activities for personal and public display. 
4) Advise and encourage leaders in the community in conservation and beautification of public and private spaces. 
5) Network and support plant-interested groups and societies.


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The San Diego Floral Association (SDFA) publishes a bi-monthly magazine, California Garden. The magazine is the oldest continually published horticulture magazine in the western United States.

The San Diego Floral Association also hosts the annual Christmas Tree display during Balboa Park December Nights.