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SDG&E® Introduces a ‘Whole’ New Approach to Saving Energy

May 12, 2011
With up to $4,000 in incentives

San Diego County homeowners now have even more opportunities to save thanks to Energy Upgrade California™, an innovative program that’s taking a fresh, new look at how we use energy and offering big incentives for improvements. While rebates for energy-saving upgrades aren’t new, the concept behind Energy Upgrade California marks the shift away from looking at your home as individual elements working separately — like light bulbs and appliances — to viewing your home as a dynamic system of interconnected components working together to create energy gains and losses.

Using this “whole house approach,” Energy Upgrade California offers up to $4,000 for energy-efficient ‘packages’ — improvements that combined can lower your bill, increase the comfort of your home, and help you save energy and money for years to come. Getting started is easy.

Select Your Contractor   

The first step toward energy savings is selecting a participating contractor. Your contractor will perform a comprehensive, state-of-the-art energy assessment, help you choose the upgrades that make the most sense for your home — and your wallet — and even help you with applying for program incentives and other rebates.

Choose Your Plan

There are two easy ways to participate in Energy Upgrade California:

The Basic Path offers $1,000 in incentives when you complete a list of select, energy-efficient upgrades. Energy-saving measures include attic insulation, sealing air leaks, and installing a thermostatic shut-off valve on your shower to save hot water and the energy used to heat it.

If you’re ready to do — and earn — the most, consider Energy Upgrade California’s Advanced Path. This flexible option allows you to select from a variety of customized, energy-saving upgrades and offers incentives from $1,250 to $4,000. Examples of eligible upgrades include high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, energy-efficient windows and skylights, and tankless or solar water-heating systems.

Enjoy Your Savings

Energy Upgrade California helps you save in so many ways: Incentives help you save on the cost of energy-efficient upgrades, and the upgrades will save you energy and money for years to come. To learn more, visit