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Balboa Park Advance Exhibition and Performance Schedule 2011

Jan 01, 2011
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Debbie Petruzzelli

Dates and exhibit titles listed in the calendar are subject to change. Before publication, please confirm information with the contacts listed at the end of the exhibition and performance calendar

Current Exhibitions and Performances 

Now thru Jan 14, 11   

Southern California Lego Train Exhibit

The largest and most dazzling Lego train exhibit yet. Enjoy thousands of Legos of train tracks, trains, skyscrapers, and detailed residential areas.

San Diego Model Railroad Museum   (619) 696-0199

Now thru Jan 30, 11   

IN LIGHT: Selections from the Permanent Collection

Treasures from the permanent collection features holdings of photographic works that tell vivid stories of photography’s master practitioners and technological innovations, while demonstrating photography’s ability to reveal the unseen and the unseeable. This special selection of photographs includes iconic names, such as Ansel Adams and Dorothea Lange, and introduces viewers to the compelling works by other leaders of the medium.

Museum of Photographic Arts   (619) 238-7559


Now thru Jan 30, 11   

Seeing Beauty

Seeing Beauty explores the aesthetics of beauty, expressed through the eyes of various photographers throughout the history of the medium, including Bill Brandt, Walker Evans, Mary Ellen Mark, Edward Weston, Minor White, and Aaron Siskind. The exhibition presents a range of genres in photography, such as portraiture, abstraction, landscape, and still life.

Museum of Photographic Arts   (619) 238-7559


Now thru Jan 30, 11   

New Realities: Jerry Uelsmann + Maggie Taylor

The 60 image exhibition allows viewers to compare and contrast the notable yet nuanced differences between two pioneers of photomontage, the process of combining multiple images to form a cohesive whole. The differences in process are especially striking, as Maggie Taylor’s color work is created with a flatbed scanner and a computer, while Jerry Uelsmann uses a pure analog approach to craft his work.

Museum of Photographic Arts   (619) 238-7559


Now thru Jan 30, 11   

California Roll

Classic California cars - from Woodies to dune buggies - and more!

San Diego Automotive Museum   (619) 231-2886


Now thru Jan 30, 11   

Best of Nature Photography ShowMagnificent nature-based imagery by amateur and professional photographers. From a backlit, fan-shaped Hawaiian wave crashing against cliffs, to a poignant image of a pink flamingo with its offspring, from surreal black-and-white landscapes, to dramatic underwater imagery of seals with schools of tiny orange fish, the outstanding images in the Best of Nature show are not to be missed. Three rounds of judging took place to choose the winning photographs from the 1100 entries. The 70 selected photographs include sublime landscapes, whimsical and dramatic wildlife images, and usual close-ups of colorful insects.

San Diego Natural History Museum    (619) 232-3821


Now thru Jan 30, 11   

Reflections: Exploring Cultural Identity

MoPA's fifth annual youth exhibition, bringing together the work of over 40 students from San Diego County. This year's theme encourages students to consider the concept of culture through the photographic medium, including still images, collage, and film. Museum of Photographic Arts   (619) 238-7559


Now thru Feb 14, 11   

Between East and West: Treasures of Romanian Folk Art

The exhibition showcases the rich and diverse artistic expression of this ancient territory. The richness of Romania’s related arts — costumes, textiles, architecture, works in wood, pottery and other objects of daily and ceremonial use — derives energy from the confluence of East and West. Although its present day borders were drawn during the twentieth century, the region has been inhabited by many great civilizations, among them the Roman, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empires. Romanians, Hungarians, Saxon Germans, Armenians, Jews and Roma are all part of the rich cultural heritage of this land, adding variety and dimension to the art found there.

Mingei International Museum   (619) 239-0003


Now thru Feb 28, 11   

Film: Ultimate Wave Tahiti

Join Kelly Slater and Raimana Van Bastolaer, a Tahitian surfing legend, in a quest to ride the most commanding waves in Tahiti’s famed surf site, Teahupo’o. Watch as the two surfing prodigies demonstrate not only their natural athleticism but also the science behind the sport—and see some of the incredible forces of nature that create these tremendous ocean breakers.

Reuben H. Fleet Science Center




Now thru Feb 28, 11   

East Meets West: The Stillpoint Paintings by John Diamond, MD

Artist and bestselling author of over twenty books and one of the foremost senior holistic healers in the world.  For over fifty years, though his practice, in his books and at his seminars, Dr. John Diamond has helped his audiences to recognize, understand and utilize the healing power of art in their lives.  As an artist, he has spent years perecting the flow and grace in the movement of his hand and brush.

Japanese Friendship Garden   (619) 232-2721


Now thru Mar 1, 11   


San Diego premiere documents an eight-week modern-day expedition to the islands made famous by Charles Darwin.

Giant Galapagos tortoises, marine iguanas, and unusal birds all appear tame and even curious about the presence of humans. Sea lion pups frolic in tidal pools, hammerhead sharks swim above, and inquisitive moray eels emerge from their caves to look at the giant IMAX camera.

Reuben H. Fleet Science Center


Now thru Apr 3, 11   

Lizards & Snakes: Alive!

Get up close and personal to some of nature’s most adaptable and often deadliest land dwellers in an exhibition that presents 60 live lizards and snakes. Only a thin sheet of Plexiglas stands between visitors and a venomous Red Spitting Cobra, Gila Monsters, a 14-foot Burmese Python, and other scaly creatures.

In addition to the live examples, the exhibition features a number of fossil specimens and casts, with special attention to those species found in our own backyard. A children’s area at the end of the exhibition also gives would-be herpetologists an opportunity to further explore the world of squamates through a variety of hands-on activities, while a mini video game puts visitors in first-person control of a rattlesnake on the prowl.

San Diego Natural History Museum    (619) 232-3821


Now thru Apr 3, 11   

3-D Film Experience: Waking the T.Rex the story of SUE

In May 2000, the world was introduced to Sue, the most complete T. rex specimen ever discovered. Her skeleton has fascinated millions. Now this famous Tyrannosaurus rex, the most renowned predator of the dinosaurs, will awaken. Waking the T. rex: The Story of SUE traces the life of one of the most feared predators of the Cretaceous. Join scientists as they decipher fossil clues to piece together the lifelong struggles, from nest to death, of this famous Tyrannosaurus rex. Witness her life events unfold, including an epic battle with a Triceratops, in a world where the only rule is eat or be eaten. Recommended for children age 9 and up. Waking the T. rex 3D: The Story of SUE is presented by D3D Cinema and The Field Museum.

San Diego Natural History Museum    (619) 232-3821





Now thru Apr 3, 11   

3-D Film Experience: Turtle Reef

Emotionally inspiring story that explores the intimacies of the relationships between creatures on a coral reef in Hawaii during over a 24-hour period. Explore the dynamic relationships and lifelong partnerships formed on coral reefs featuring the Hawaiian Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas). Endangered by over fishing, these turtles were brought to the brink of extinction before legislation in 1978 protected them. Today, the Hawaiian population is recovering, but in may other places elsewhere in the world, turtles face a grim future. Discover how closely their rhythm of their lives, their struggles, and their partnerships parallel our own.Turtle Reef is a new film from the award-winning team that produced the giant-screen Ocean Oasis.

San Diego Natural History Museum    (619) 232-3821


Now thru Apr 3, 11   

Zandra Rhodes - A Lifelong Love Affair with Textiles

Since the 1960s, this internationally renowned British designer, who lives and works half the year in the San Diego area, has been creating imaginative, colorful fabrics and clothing. This retrospective presents her textiles as well as high fashion garments.

Mingei International Museum   (619) 239-0003


Now thru Apr 11, 11   

Dressing the Part: Costume Design at The Old Globe

Exhibition emphasizes the process involved in moving costumes from concept to stage, and offers behind the scenes access to The Old Globe costume shop and the team of professionals that create and care for the thousands of costumes and props used at the theater.

San Diego History Center   (619) 232-6203


Now thru Apr 30, 11   

Counter Cultures: The Secret Lives of Games

Visitors can become their own game piece as they play their way through displays of games from around the world, including old classics, contemporary, rare, and historic games drawn in part from a remarkable private collection of over 1,400 games.

In addition to complete sets of original examples, some dating back hundreds of years, the exhibition is rife with fun facts about games, such as the one that tells us that Chinese Checkers was actually invented in Germany as Stern-Halma in 1892, but American marketers in the 1930s changed the name to make it sound more exotic.

San Diego Museum of Man   (619) 239-2001


Now thru Apr 30, 11   

Creating an Artistic Basis: Local Artists Groups from the Early 20th Century

40 works from San Diego History Center's collection. The exhibition includes oil works from San Diego's most celebrated artists - Charles Fries, Maurice Braun, Charles Reiffel, Belle Baranceanu, Edith White and more.

San Diego History Center   (619) 232-6203




Now thru Jun 1, 11   

All that Glitters: The Splendor & Science of Gems & Minerals

Discover how the same Earth processes that build landscapes produce dazzling gemstones and precious metals--even right here in San Diego County, one of the most famous gem-producing regions in the worlds.

See a stunning selection of spectacular natural mineral crystals, exquisite jewelry, and works of art. Enjoy interactives and touchables. See objects on display for the first time ever and see stunning objects on loan from major U.S. museums including the Smithsonian, the American Museum of Natural History, and the Newark Museum of Decorating Art.

San Diego Natural History Museum    (619) 232-3821


Now thru Jun 5, 11   

Dreams and Diversions: 250 Years of Japanese Woodblock Prints from the Permanent Collection

From awe-inspiring views to colorful images of popular entertainments, Japanese woodblock prints of the 18th and 19th centuries had a significant impact on the arts in both the East and West. A comprehensive exhibition at The San Diego Museum of Art is presenting 400 important examples of these Ukiyo-e prints from its vast collection to demonstrate the depth and range of this art form.

The San Diego Museum of Art    (619) 232-7931


Now thru Jun 19, 11   


Over 25 hands-on displays in Earth Exposed explore the powerful, yet sometimes subtle, roles weather patterns, seismic and volcanic activity, air and water pressures play in constantly shaping and re-shaping the world we see around us.

Among the more spectacular exhibits is the machine that recreates the eruption of a geyser (all the way to the gallery’s ceiling!) and another that forms a tornado, which moves in reaction to air currents.

Reuben H. Fleet Science Center


Now thru Sep 18, 11   

Strange Bones: Curiosities of the Human Skeleton

Exhibit focuses on the many different, strange, and curious things that happen to our skeletons throughout the course of our lives. Visitors can view specimens that evidence dwarfism, the fusion of fractured bones as the result of abnormal healing, the effects of diseases such as scurvy and syphilis, and culturally motivated modifications such as foot-binding (practiced in China until the mid 1900s) and neck rings (worn by the Kayan of Myanmar and Thailand).

A skeleton informs us about a person's life long after that individual passes away. The exhibition will include an example of Myositis Ossificans Progressiva, a hereditary disease that prevents movement because the connective tissues, such as ligaments and tendons, become as dense and rigid as the bones themselves. Another fascinating example is an Aymara type of cranial elongation from Peru, where some infants' heads were bound as the skull solidified in order to underscore their elite status.

San Diego Museum of Man   (619) 239-2001 http://www.museumofman.orgNow thru Mar 1, 12   

ONGOING FILMS: 3D and 4D Interactive Theater

Hold on to your 3D glasses! The new Zable Theater at the Air & Space Museum has added a fourth dimension to the 3D viewing experience, making kid-friendly animated featurettes totally immersive.

Admission to the 36-seat theater is included in regular museum admission prices and features play continuously on an alternating basis throughout the day. So whether you want to check out just one or all three, you can do so on your own time. For very small children, you might want to first gauge their comfort level with the shorter film, Jetpack Adventure, prior to seeing the other two.

San Diego Air & Space Museum

Upcoming Exhibitions and Performances

Jan 7, 11 thru Jan 23, 11   

The Miracle Worker

Recommended for ages 8 and up

San Diego Junior Theatre   (619) 239-1311 Box Office: (619) 239-8355

Jan 28, 11 thru Feb 21, 11   

36th Annual Small Image Art Competition, Gallery 21

A multimedia competition to expand exhibition opportunities for local artists to expand exhibition opportunities by utilitizing a small image concept in the widest range of expression.

Spanish Village Art Center    (619) 233-9050

Jan 15, 11 thru Feb 27, 11   

Jane Austen’s Emma – A Musical Romantic Comedy

Emma, a beautiful and clever young woman who prides herself on her matchmaking ability, is preoccupied with romance yet is clueless to her own feelings of love. When she takes on a young friend as her latest project, her well-intentioned efforts misfire, leading to a whirlwind of complications – and ultimately, true love. Gordon brings Jane Austen’s masterpiece to musical life with songs

The Old Globe   (619) 23-GLOBE

Jan 22, 11 thru Feb 27, 11   

Death of a Salesman

An unflinching examination of the American dream that is as relevant today as the day it was written.

The Old Globe   (619) 23-GLOBE

Jan 29, 11 thru May 1, 11   

Thomas Gainsborough and the Modern Woman

Organized by the Cincinnati Art Museum in association with The San Diego Museum of Art.

In a spectacular array of around 20 paintings by Sir Thomas Gainsborough (1727–1788), this exhibition explores the ways that women, art, and fashion came together to contribute to a new sense of women’s roles in society in the mid to late eighteenth century.  Gainsborough was noted in his day as an unparalleled master of brushwork, and his representations of women seem to swirl off the canvas. Bringing together loans from museums in the United States and England, this exhibition will explore the beauty of the paintings and the lives of the women in them in order to reveal how art and life came together uniquely under the brush of Gainsborough’s artistic genius.

The installation will also feature a number of eighteenth-century dresses.

The San Diego Museum of Art    (619) 232-7931

Jan 29, 11 thru May 1, 11   

Howard Hodgkin Time and Place

Time and Place explores the most recent work of Sir Howard Hodgkin (born 1932), one of Great Britain’s most renowned painters of the later 20th century.  Celebrated for almost half a century, Hodgkin’s art is characterized by integrity and rigor. Time and Place, however, is emphatically about the here and now. 

Hodgkin’s work plays with the notion of “representational pictures of emotional situations,” and viewers delight exploring in the intense interactions of paint and surface. A brilliant colorist whose work lies between representation and abstraction, Hodgkin defies definitions. This exhibition features those works from the last decade that tantalize viewers with elusive references to the notion of time and place. Comprised of over 20 paintings, this exhibition includes a number of works not previously seen by a broad public, as well as a powerful body of new work, painted in the last year, never exhibited before.

The San Diego Museum of Art    (619) 232-7931

 Jan 29, 11 thru Jan 29, 12   

Inside Out: Selections from the Permanent Collection

Inside Out features a wide array of photographs ranging from Hill and Adamson’s stunning 19th century portraits, to 20th century masters such as Ansel Adams and Berenice Abbott, alongside contemporary works by Bill Armstrong, Ana Busto and Nicholas Nixon. The exhibition places historically significant works alongside contemporary photographs, demonstrating the varied uses of photography over the 170-year history of the medium. Inside Out also includes a smartphone Audio In|Sight tour, bringing community voices and expert opinions into conversation with permanent collection holdings.

Museum of Photographic Arts   (619) 238-7559

Jan 29, 11 thru Jan 29, 12   

Imagine That! Photographing an Invisible World

Imagine That! showcases the historic pursuit of photographers seeking to capture unique perspectives, unknown realms and phenomena inaccessible to their eyes and immediate senses. This exhibition from MoPA’s permanent collection examines a desire in photography to create images of the unseeable and asks the viewer to examine photography not as an extension of the human eye, but as a pursuit of discovery, observation and technology driven by the imperceptible.

Museum of Photographic Arts   (619) 238-7559

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