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Project Update

On May 24, the Plaza de Panama Committee filed an appeal on the lawsuit brought against the project by SOHO.  The Committee released the following statement about the filing:

The Plaza de Panama Committee has appealed that portion of Judge Taylor’s February 4, 2013 ruling that was adverse to the City of San Diego and the Committee.  The Committee is appealing this decision because we feel the Court’s ruling was in error – it improperly deprives the City Council of the discretion to determine that traffic and parking do not belong in the Plaza de Panama and the Plaza de California.  The City made its determination after an exhaustive public process that considered existing conditions, the relative advantages and environmental impacts associated with a wide range of alternative proposals to alleviate congestion, and the history of Balboa Park planning efforts to rid the central plazas of cars.  After such a comprehensive and public process, the City’s decisions regarding how best to use Balboa Park should be accorded deference.