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Hiking and Biking Trails

Balboa Park offers 65 miles of trails of various difficulty, scenery, and length. Some are dirt trails through remote areas of the park while others go past museums and performing arts venues.

To guide visitors along each of the trails, a satellite image-based map has been merged with a series of GPS-documented routes, a significant advancement in park signage designed to highlight topography, incorporating park landmarks to help guide the user and gauge the level of difficulty of the trails.

The routes are clearly marked with color coded, numbered signs, which inform users of the distance, degree of difficulty and change of route direction. There are 19 trails that lead from 5 gateways in the Park:

This is one of a series of projects designed to increase safety and usability within the many canyons and natural areas of the park, adhering to the Balboa Park Master Plan.

This project was paid for in large part by a generous grant from the Balboa Park Trust at the San Diego Foundation. A committed group of community volunteers envisioned and developed this system in partnership and with guidance from the City of San Diego's Department of Park & Recreation and the Balboa Park Committee.

Download the PDF map of all trails.