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Food & Spirits

Thanks to all who made 2016 Balboa Park December Nights so memorable!

 The City of San Diego and the Balboa Park Conservancy, co-producers of this classic San Diego celebration, would like to thank our generous sponsors. We could not have welcomed 360,000 visitors to the Park over the two-day event without the support of these wonderful organizations.

We would also like to thank the entertainment groups, the Park museums and cultural organizations and the many Balboa Park and community volunteers who made this festival so special.

We’re hoping to spend the first Friday and Saturday of December (December 1 and 2, 2017) with you next year to celebrate the 40th anniversary of San Diego’s premiere holiday event.



Take a look at some of the highlights from Balboa Park December Nights 2016!


Food and Beverages from some of your favorite Park organizations

The listing below is for Park organizations. For a listing of the food VENDORS and food trucks go to:

  • Snacks and drinks. 

  • Swedish meatballs. Also served will be the traditional Swedish Christmas drink, Glögg 

  • Tomato basil pasta

  • As assortment of coffees, teas, and  hot chocolate. 

  • Chili and clam chowder served in sourdough bowls, flatbread pizza, wraps, salads and holiday specialty coffee drinks and holiday pastries.

  • Food from Around the Worlld

    • House of Argentina: Sausage sandwiches, pasta frola, alfajor, mate cocido
    • House of Austria: Austrian meatloaf, pastries
    • House of Chamorros: BBQ chicken, red rice, poato & spring salad, empanadas
    • House of China: Chinese crepes, dumplings, eggrolls, coconuts
    • House of Colombia: Beef turnovers, corn cakes w/cheese, carne asada, fried plantains, baked goods
    • House of Czech/Slovak: Sausages, kraut, potato salad, pastries
    • House of Denmark: Aelieskiver (pancake balls), applesauce, cocoa, cider
    • House of England: Sausage rolls, shepherd's pie, mince pie, tarts & shortbread
    • House of Finland: Beet salad, pea shoud, meatballs/gravy, pastries, rice pudding
    • House of France: Quiche, crepes, onion soup, tarts/eclairs/napoleons
    • House of Germany: BBQ sausages, sauerkraut, rolls, cakes
    • House of Hungary: Sausage/sauerkraut, crepes, goulash, fried bread, pastries
    • House of India: Chicken & vegetable curry, chole, samosas, rice, naan
    • House of Iran: Chicken/beef kabobs, salad, soup, baklava
    • House of Ireland: Irish stew, soda bread, pastries 
    • House of Israel: Potato pancakes, doughnuts/applesauce
    • House of Italy: Sausage/meatball sandwiches, cannoli, baked goods
    • House of Korea: Bibimbop, bulgogi, rice, spinach miso soup, kimchi, Korean cookies
    • House of Lebanon: Lamb/chicken shawarma, mosaka, kafta, tabouli, hummus
    • House of Mexico: Tamales, champurado, nachos
    • House of Norway: Waffles, lefse, pea soup
    • House of Panama: Sancocho, been empanadas, cafe Duran
    • House of Palestine: Falafal, hummus, sald, leptish rice, grape leaves
    • House of Peru: Chicken and rice, Peruvian donuts, Peruvian sodas
    • House of Philippines: Chicken adobo, pancit, lumpia, rice, turon (fried banana)
    • House of Poland: Polish sausage, pieroges, sauerkraut, stuff cabbage
    • House of Puerto Rico: Pasteles, Pastelillios, relleno e papa, rice & beans, alcapurria
    • House of Scotland: Beef & cheese potatoes, Bread pudding chocolate cake, other desserts
    • House of Spain: Paella
    • House of Sweden: Meatballs, lingonberries, rye bread, cookies
    • House of Turkey: Donar kebab, baklava, Turkish coffee/tea
    • House of Ukraine: Varenyky, kobvasa sandwiches, borscht, water, kapusta
    • House of USA: Hot dogs, beans & chili, cakes/pies/cookies
    • Queens: Soup, wasale, baked goods.

    Spirits Garden

    • House of Finland: Gløgg
    • House of Ireland: Beer on tap, Irish Whiskey
  • Chicken teriyaki bowls, miso soup, yaki soba, teas, apple cider, water, and soda.

  •  Brunch, lunch, and dinner offered, plus a full bar with over 18 local taps of craft beer. 

  • Adult beverages.

    Food provided by Flight Path Grill in the heated Pavilion of Flight. 

  • Roasted chestnuts, coffee, popcorn

  • Baked potatoes, hot dogs, nachos, chili, hot chocolate, sodas, water, baked goods

  • Cookies and Hot chocolate

  • Gingerbread cookies

  • Chili, nachos, hot and cold drinks. 

    • Sweiner's - Swiss hot dogs in a drilled-out roll or Raclette with potatoes and pickles
    • Torpasta - Spaghetti & meatballs, fetuccini alfredo, chicken (or chicken pesto), veggies, salad
    • Wicked Maine Lobster - Lobster rolls, lobster tacos, crab rolls, lobster mac & cheese, chowder
    • Chris's Ono Grinds - Hawaiian food
    • Cravory - Gourmet cookies
    • Neiderfrank's Ice Cream - cones, dishes, and sundaes
    • Perky Bean Coffee - Coffee, team, smoothies, frapes, pastries
    • SVAC - Hot chocolate, cider, soda, water
  • Hot Popcorn 

  • The Prado Restaurant and Lounge will be open for no-reservation dining during normal business hours. The Courtyard will have a cash bar and live music

    Prado Pub in the Plaza de Panama: Cocktail area in the Plaza serves burgers, fries, fish and chips, hot chocolate, and offers an over-21 cocktail and beer garden.