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Balboa Park Conservancy

Welcome to Balboa Park, the iconic and beloved destination that serves San Diego’s community, forges our regional identity and inspires global appreciation. Please join the Balboa Park Conservancy as we seek to work with all who love and care about Balboa Park to continuously improve this natural treasure for generations to come.

Why is a Conservancy necessary?

The City of San Diego is responsible for managing and maintaining Balboa Park. However, in recent years, it has not had sufficient resources to fully commit to the necessary funding. As competition increases for limited public financial resources, a look at the past suggests a future in which the City may be unable to:

  • Provide adequate resources necessary to fulfill Balboa Park’s management and operational requirements.
  • Address major maintenance, repair and replacement needs.
  • Implement already approved and future capital improvement projects.

Therefore, the City of San Diego cannot act alone in financing and operating Balboa Park. It must build on existing partnerships, identify new partnerships, increase private donations, identify or create new sources of revenue, and provide a process to ensure that donations for projects and services match priorities. The Conservancy’s activities are focused on Balboa Park.

We uphold our project management responsibilities by:

  • Fundraising to support capital improvement and major deferred maintenance projects.
  • Funding and organizing volunteer and other community programs.
  • Assisting the City with the governance issues it faces in the Park.