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Libraries & Collections

Balboa Park Libraries

See locations, hours, online catalogs, and contact information for the research libraries in Balboa Park.

Online Collections

The Balboa Park Online Collaborative is working on a project to aggregate collections content from Balboa Park museums into the Balboa Park Commons, a rich publicly-accessible digital library with specialized access tools for students and scholars.

Balboa Park contains more cultural organizations in one place than any location in the United States except the National Mall in Washington D.C., and their combined holdings represent an important resource of local, regional, and national significance. Although the museums have vast collections of materials, only a small percentage of the content is currently available online. With funding from the Institute for Museum & Library Services, BPOC will work with members to digitize and catalogue their content and present it through the online resource. Social software tools such as tagging and the ability to add user-created images, histories, and video, will be integrated into the site. BPOC seeks to create a resource that is user-friendly and engaging for educators and students who rely increasingly on the Internet for information.

When the development of this resource is complete, you will find a link to it through this page. In the meantime, check out digitized books and journals through Internet Archive, explore online collections pages such as the ones on Mingei's website, and explore the following Flickr sites for digitized content from several Park cultural institutions: