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Plaza de Panama

Plaza de Panama Project Comments

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The Plaza de Panama project will transform the core of Balboa Park into a grand public space for San Diego.  By removing cars from the heart of the park, the Plaza de Panama, Plaza de California, West El Prado and Esplanade will be restored to their historic use as pedestrian park spaces.  The new Centennial Bridge and Road will provide an alternate route for vehicles that avoids pedestrian areas and leads to a new underground parking structure topped by a 2-acre park.  The project will create 6.3 acres of new parks, plazas and promenades out of what are now roads and parking lots.

The Plaza de Panama project is scheduled to be complete in time for the 2015 Centennial Celebration, and will provide spectacular venues for this yearlong celebration of Balboa Park.

See inside to explore the Plaza de Panama project. . .

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Plaza de Panama Design Team

KCM Group

KCM Group is a full-service construction management and consulting firm based in San Diego with expertise in the engineering and architectural aspects of both private and commercial real estate development. KCM Group actively participates in its projects from the owner’s perspective while applying technically based management strategies throughout design and construction. KCM Group is not a design firm, nor a contractor, it is a professional construction management and consulting firm whose interests and performance are defined by the owner’s objectives. KCM Group’s pre-construction services include: design management and coordination review; entitlement and agency processing management; coordination of specialty consultant and contractor selection; project scheduling; construction estimating; budget development and constructability review; and value engineering. Construction phase services include: bid management; contract development and administration; owner/vendor/consultant coordination; project accounting; budget and schedule monitoring; and closeout services.

Rick Engineering Company

Rick Engineering Company (REC) is an award winning, multi-disciplined planning, design and engineering firm with offices throughout California and Arizona. Founded in 1955, REC offers a diverse range of services that focus on urban design and planning, landscape architecture, transportation engineering, surveying, mapping, aerial photogrammetry and specialized computer services. REC has completed thousands of projects and each year prepares designs for millions of dollars worth of construction. With clients from both the public and private sectors, REC has experience working with city, state and federal agencies, as well as nonprofit institutions.

Civitas Inc.

Founded in 1983, Civitas Inc. is a creative collaborative of landscape architects and urban designers based in Denver and New York City, that specializes in strategic design and planning for complex urban sites. Significant projects include Stapleton Airport Redevelopment in Denver, North Side (Pruitt-Igoe) in downtown St. Louis, the North Embarcadero waterfront in San Diego, the Los Angeles River Revitalization, and Museum Park Miami.

Heritage Architecture & Planning

In 1978, when Milford Wayne Donaldson laid the foundation for Heritage Architecture & Planning, it was in an environment that pitted progress against preservation. Since then we have all come to appreciate our past and Heritage has been committed to preserving cultural resources and the built environment. Heritage approaches every project with the understanding that each resource has a distinct identity with its own challenges. It is our appreciation of each resource’s singular value that allows Heritage to collaborate with owners and communities to help protect their unique historic resources. Whether the work includes research, consultation, rehabilitation, or design, Heritage has dedicated itself to ensuring that the resources of our shared past remain as part of our collective future.

Innovative Design Group

Innovative Design Group (IDG) is an architectural and engineering firm specializing in the design of cost effective, functional, and aesthetically pleasing parking facilities. Established in 1993, IDG provides complete architectural planning and design of site and structured parking, for all types of commercial, retail, institutional, transportation and healthcare projects. Located in Irvine, California, IDG handles a vast array of projects nationwide, but maintains its focus in Southern California. Some of IDG’s projects include parking structures for the Providence Centre in Fullerton, California, the Howard Hughes Center in Aurora, California, the Children’s Hospital of Orange County and a $10.9 million structure at the University of San Diego.

MJE Marketing Services

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