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Balboa Park Online Collaborative Blog

One of the more experimental projects we supported in Balboa Park this year was the Museum of Photographic Arts’ crowd-sourced exhibition project “Soapbox! The Audience Speaks.”

The project started in summer 2012 when visitors had the opportunity to rate 120 images from MOPA’s permanent collection. These images covered a broad spectrum of MOPA’s collection and contained many works that had never been on display. Participants could rate the images in MOPA’s gallery by using a touch-table interface developed using the Open Exhibits platform, or they could rate them from their personal computers through a web-based interface.


Knowing that it can take a while to assess 120 images, MOPA staff inserted badges and mini-rewards throughout the rating process, such as this video salute from Director Deborah Klochko and her pug.

As Joaquin Ortiz, MOPA’s Interim Director of Education, explained in a June 2012 UT San Diego article, visitor engagement exceeded expectations.

“Especially on weekends, it’s in constant use,” Ortiz said. “We weren’t expecting that. We always kind of undershoot these things (in terms of expectations), not...

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The Balboa Park Online Collaborative is seeking a dedicated, analytical, proactive Systems or Network Engineer with strong interpersonal and project management skills. The network engineer will be responsible for overseeing the design, installation, configuration and maintenance of large-scale wireless network infrastructure. Responsibilities will also include assisting in the maintenance of existing network infrastructure in Balboa Park. 

See the full job description (pdf). Email us to apply. 

No phone calls, please.

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Have you signed up for the BPOC email list? We have started sending monthly updates about our people and projects.

See the update for October and sign-up for our list if you're interested. 

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Our leader Vivian Kung Haga was featured in this UT San Diego article about BPOC's transition to become an independent nonprofit organization. Arts writer Jim Chute has been following BPOC's progress over the past couple of years. 

We also worked with Balboa Park Central on this CNN Travel video. Shown in airports across the country, the video shows highlights of a day in Balboa Park.

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