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Sammu (Synchronized Automatic Media and Metadata Uploader) is a tool designed to help museums, archives, and libraries merge their collection metadata with their assets in a standardised way for uploading to the photo-sharing website Flickr. Future releases may also upload to YouTube and other social media sharing sites. Up until now, a major limitation of using Flickr for collection access has been merging metadata from collections management systems and porting that information into Flickr's Description, Title, Location, Date and Tag fields. Sammu is designed to facilitate that merging. For example:

EmbARK screenshot

gets turned into

Images courtesy Museum of Photographic Arts

BPOC worked with John Fox, developer of MemoryMiner, to create this innovative tool. Sammu requires Mac OS 10.6 and higher, and an active Flickr account.

Click here to download Sammu and try it for yourself! If Sammu is useful to you, please consider donating a few bucks into the tip jar on the right. It will help us continue developing the product. As Sammu is currently under active development, we'd also appreciate any feedback, bug reports, questions and stories about how Sammu has helped you. Just leave a comment. Thanks!

Sammu in action