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If summer vacations and back-to-school shopping have left you short on bones this month … join the club. More than any other month of the year (well, except for maybe January), September is when I especially like to sniff out inexpensive, if not free, activities in Balboa Park. However, unlike the other summer months, when there seems to be bottomless dish of free evening concert events in the Park, post-Labor Day weekend finds me digging even deeper or taking advantage of old standbys.

House of Hospitality International Cottages, Lawn Program, Balboa Park, House of ColumbiaHere are a few I’ve uncovered:

Timken Museum of Art is now open!

If it’s been a couple of years since you last visited Balboa Park in September, you probably don’t realize that the Timken Museum of Art is no longer closed for the entire month. And why do I bring this up? Because the Timken is always FREE!

Lawn Programs heat up!

As we approach fall’s cooler temperatures, the International Cottages are just getting warmed up with their Sunday afternoon cultural festivals. But while the entertainment is free for everyone, the food is only free for guests like me who don’t mind scavenging for ground-level scraps.

San Diego History Center is free after 3!

Bipedal visitors no longer have an excuse for not knowing everything worth knowing about San Diego’s rich history now that the History Center is granting free admission after 3pm on Thursdays this fall. And for those who have to work like a dog until 5pm on weekdays, Thursday hours are being extended to 7pm.

Residents Free Tuesdays!

With Labor Day behind us, it’s safe to venture into the Park on Residents Free Tuesdays once again when museum galleries aren’t completely clogged with the extra number of deal hounds the summer months bring to the Park.

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This is always a bittersweet time of year for me. On the one paw, sadly, I must bark adieu to outgoing Top Dog winner, Dietrich. And on the other, I get to welcome the newest member to Balboa Park’s Top Dog pack, Rayg’n, winner of the 2014 Top Dog Photo Contest.


What’s particularly notable about this year’s contest result is that Rayg’n has singlehandedly muzzled all the pundits who’ve been claiming that a small dog — and a dachshund no less! — can’t win this contest. Not only does Rayg’n get to proudly wear the Top Dog crown for the year, but this dapper doxie also receives an exclusive “Furry Kids Eat Free” overnight package from Loews Coronado Bay Resort.

I would also like to extend my barkfelt congratulations to first runner up, Pippa, who fetches a free professional photo session with Colleen’s Custom Pet Photography, a custom dichroic glass dog tag by Chris Stell, and a Family 4-Pack of Balboa Park Explorer Multi-Day Passes.

Congratulations are also in order for second runner up Good Ol’ Charlie Brown, who unfortunately continues to prove that a bulldog can’t take home the big prize. Just kidding. Regardless, Chuck gets the last howl, walking away with a Family 4-Pack of tickets to an upcoming show at San Diego Junior Theatre and another Family 4-Pack to the San Diego Air & Space Museum along with a museum gift bag.


Balboa Park Explorer Pass Named “Best of San Diego”

As long as I’m barking out congratulations this week, I would be remiss if I did not mention that the annual Balboa Park Explorer Pass was named “Best of San Diego” in San Diego Magazine’s 2014 August issue. Deemed “Big Bang for Your Buck” in the Arts & Entertainment category, the affordable pass for both individuals ($129) and families ($199) grants its bearer free admission to 17 different museums for one year (that’s ruffly seven dog years!).

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Cosmos Blog_Ask Cosmos_WexlerWexler writes: Dear Cosmos, a number of out-of-town packmates will be hounding me for things to do over the Labor Day weekend. What’s your take on this summer’s must-see closing exhibitions?

Cosmos: I can certainly relate to being hounded for things to do in Balboa Park. In fact, I pretty much make a living off of it. Although I’ve already sniffed out many of Balboa Park’s top dog shows in earlier blog posts, for the sake of our local procrastinators and out-of-town guests alike, I’ve dug up this list of summer’s biggest departing exhibitions.

San Diego Automotive Museum, Orphan Cars exhibition, Nash automobileSpanish Sojourns: Robert Henri and the Spirit of Spain

(closing Sept. 9)

Though Sorolla and America (closing Aug. 26) got most of the buzz, The San Diego Museum of Art’s other major summer exhibition, featuring over 40 portraits by famed American realist Robert Henri, comes with its own set of must-see credentials — in spite of the fact it does not feature a single painting of dogs playing poker.

Real Pirates: The Untold Story of the Whydah from Slave Ship to Pirate Ships

(closing Sept. 1)

Digging up backyard “treasure” is something any pooch worth his or her paws can do. Digging up over 200 artifacts from the bottom of the sea from a real life pirate ship is another order of business. This immersive exhibition at the San Diego Natural History Museum features treasure chests of gold coins, jewelry, cannons, pistols, and a life-size replica of the ship’s stern.

Orphan Cars: Gone but Not Forgotten

(closing Sept. 26)

I’ll never forget the first car I chased as a young pup. It was just begging for attention. Now 17 of the most memorable cars ever made by companies that no longer exist are getting their own attention in a unique showcase of “orphan cars,” ranging in date from the 1905 Tourist to 1981 DeLorean, at the San Diego Automotive Museum.

After Ansel Adams

(closing Sept. 28)

Since the scope of my nature photography portfolio doesn’t extend beyond Balboa Park’s 1,200-acre campus, I have a keen appreciation for photographers like Ansel Adams who captured America’s greatest vistas before most people knew they existed. This display at the Museum of Photographic Arts reveals Adams’s lasting impact on those who followed in his paw prints.

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The Prado Restaurant, Balboa Park, view of bar loungeIf you’ve ever read this blog (or visited this website), it should be no secret that Balboa Park is THE best place in San Diego for pups and their families on any given day, any time of year. But what does the Park offer thirsty pack leaders looking for an adult beverage (or two)?

Here are just a few places boozehounds can go to sample a tasty selection of beers, wines, and cocktails in a picturesque park setting:

Upcoming Special Events

Women in Brewing (August 14)

In conjunction with its intoxicating Beerology exhibition, the San Diego Museum of Man is presenting a regular series of evening craft beer-tasting events inside the museum, featuring local breweries, such as this week’s event highlighting women in the local craft brew and food industries.

History Happy Hour: At Ease in the History Center (August 22)

The San Diego History Center likewise offers its own evening series of History Happy Hours, featuring craft beers and cocktails. Next week’s installment salutes dog tag wearers of the U.S. military in conjunction with the Presidio and Pacific Powerhouse exhibition.

Restaurants & Cafés

The Prado Restaurant

Balboa Park’s top dog culinary attraction is home to Sangria Sundays ($12 pitchers of sangria) and happy hours featuring innovative drink specials and appetizers along with live music in the Prado Lounge from 8pm to 10pm, Tuesday–Thursday, and until 11pm, Friday and Saturday.

Panama 66

Though this pup is still in soft-opening mode, the San Diego Museum of Art’s newest café operator brings a high pedigree of experience in the local brewery pub scene, now serving craft beers and cocktails until 8pm on Fridays and Saturdays (hours likely to expand after official opening next month).

Home Plate Café

A nice alternative for families visiting the Park during daylight hours, the Hall of Champions sports-themed café serves affordable salads, sandwiches, and snacks alongside a selection bottled beer and wine from 10am to 4pm.

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 EamesWith congressional midterm elections still months away, there should only be one race on the electorate’s mind this week and that’s who will emerge as leader of the pack and be crowned Balboa Park’s Top Dog for 2014.

Being Balboa Park’s Top Doggie Blogger, I must recuse myself from the voting and from making any personal endorsements — which is just fine with me. I don’t envy voters who are asked to single out which of these 30 photogenic pooches deserves to not only serve as Balboa Park’s reigning Top Dog, but to receive an overnight stay at Loews Coronado Bay Resort.

Not to mention two runners up won’t be left out in the cold either, with the first runner up receiving a voucher to have a professional photo session with Colleen's Custom Pet Photography, a custom dichroic glass dog tag by Chris Stell, and a Family 4-Pack of Balboa Park Explorer Multi-Day Passes. The second runner up receives a Family 4-Pack of tickets to a San Diego Junior Theatre performance and a 4-Pack of tickets to the San Diego Air & Space Museum.

With so much at stake, please be sure to click on the second page of finalists to view four additional worthy contenders before placing your final vote. Winners will be announced on August 15. (Note: only one vote per person/email address is permitted.)

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