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This Week’s Lawn Program Promises a Jolly Ol’ Time

Spring not only brings the delightful scent of blossoming flowers to Balboa Park but, more importantly, the mouth-watering smell of grilled sausages and other delectable treats—fit for canine consumption—at the House of Pacific Relations International Cottages.


cosmos-blog_house-of-england-lawn-programEach Sunday, from March through October, 32 different nations take turns celebrating their cultural heritage with tasty food and beverages; spirited music and dance; and traditional arts, crafts, and costumes, during a festive afternoon Lawn Program.


This Sunday, April 25, the jolly ol’ House of England marks its 75th year in Balboa Park as one of the 15 original international cottages set up for the 1935 California Pacific International Exposition.


In honor of St. George’s Day (April 23), the Moreton Bay Fig Morris Dancers and a local children's dance troupe will perform traditional English folk dances in period attire, while the singing group, aptly named the Vocalists, belt out traditional British favorites.


In addition to the merry entertainment, this Beefeater plans to especially enjoy the nice assortment of noshables available for purchase. Among the possible doggie treats will be bangers, shepherd's pie, meat pastries, homemade sausage rolls, scones, and a variety of English cakes and cookies.


The following week, May 2, the House of Poland’s Lawn Program will bring me even more juicy sausages.

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