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Offshoot Tour Gets to the Root of My Favorite Flora

Ah…trees, trees, glorious trees! And what better way to get up close and personal with all the different Gold Medallion Tree near The Old Globe ones in Balboa Park (OK, not as up close as I would normally like) than to go on a Saturday morning Offshoot Tour .


Led by knowledgeable volunteers, the tour’s theme rotates each week, so as you might have guessed, I took the Tree Walk Tour (third Saturday of the month).


We met our expert guide, Jude Mendez, in front of the Visitors Center. He took us on a delightful hour-long walk through the Park, describing dozens of trees along the way. I will never look at these trees the same way again! I can now differentiate between a Moreton Bay Fig and Fiddle Leaf Fig, and I know what makes certain trees drought resistant, like the Gold Medallion Trees near the Old Globe.


Other favorites Jude showed us were the blooming Crape Myrtle Trees along El Prado, the Dr. Seuss-like Dragon Trees by the Museum of Man, and the African Tulip Tree nestled amid the International Cottages. Being with my conscientious owner, I was of course on leash and on my best behavior throughout the entire tour.


















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