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Lickin’ My Chops for Chop Soo-ey Food Truck Visit

The Pig Rig is coming! The Pig Rig is coming!

We are interrupting our usual discussions of Balboa Park’s plethora of summer activities to tell you that the Cohen Restaurant Group’s Chop Soo-ey food truck is making not just one, but two visits this coming week to the Park. And if you can’t tell, I’m in hog heaven over it.

First the dates, times, and locations:

June 17, 11am–2pm, Japanese Friendship Garden (back entrance)

Follow your snout along the south fence between the Japanese Friendship Garden and the Organ Pavilion to the back entrance.

June 22, 11am–2pm, Museum of Man

As you cross the Cabrillo Bridge, but before going through the archway, the truck will be located in the alley on the left between the museum and the administration building.

And now the all-important menu options created by Chef Deborah Scott:

· Skirts on Fire Salad

· Blackened Fish Tacos with Cilantro Lime Slaw

· Grilled El Pignini Sandwich (pulled pork, ham, swiss, & chow chow)

· Key Lime Tartletts

· Pecan Coconut Cookie Sandwich

· Assorted Izzy sodas

But you won’t want to just eat like a pig and run, as there will be prizes and fun activities as well—not to mention special guest visits from the Museum Marathon girls (Maren and Heather).

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