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Giskin Anomaly Survey Project Confirms My Suspicions

From the time of my very first visits to Balboa Park many years ago, I often detected bits and pieces of conversations from humans I couldn’t see. Assuming it was just my hypersensitive canine sense of hearing picking up sounds echoing off canyon walls and park buildings, I didn’t give it much thought.


However, during a recent walk south from the Old Globe to the Alcazar Garden and then through Palm Canyon, I started hearing the voices of three different people that somehow seemed connected—but again, people I couldn’t see.


cosmos-blog_giskin-anomaly-survey_pandoraNot long after that, I noticed a man and a woman wearing round orange badges walking around these same areas with strange listening devices. Soon orange stakes with numbers on them started to appear near some of my favorite sniffing spots.


A quick Google search of “Balboa Park voices” led me to this intriguing website,, that describes a secret research effort, called the Giskin Anomaly Survey Project, to detect and record the mysterious story these voices, or “thought imprints,” from the past tell.


Relieved to know I wasn’t losing my mind, or hearing things, I called the number listed and posed as Drake, one of the researchers. By punching in the numbers printed on the orange stakes I found, I’ve been able to hear more clearly the actual recordings of these voices.


So far, they all seem to center around the activities of U.S. Navy personnel in the Park during the Second World War, circa 1942. More stakes are appearing weekly, and I will continue to track this exciting adventure as it unfolds!

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