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Finding Peace and Quiet this Holiday Season

Cosmos Blog, Balboa Park, ZoeZoe writes: Dear Cosmos, it’s that time of year when my house is filled with too many people and noises for me to catch some much-needed zzz’s. What’s the best way to get some peace and quiet?

Cosmos: I’m old enough to remember when houses would often be empty during this season as our human companions would go to the malls, parties at the neighbor’s house, various holiday performances, and even caroling. Now it seems everyone just sits around with their snouts glued to tablets, smart phones, big screen TVs, and other noisy gadgets.

But finding peace and quiet is as important to them as it is to you. Hopefully slipping them the following list of things to do in Balboa Park will be a win-win for everyone. 

Take a Christmas Day Stroll — With almost everything closed on Christmas Day, there probably isn’t a better time of year to enjoy a morning walk through Balboa Park’s historic architecture and year-round gardens. Let’s face it, with Christmas falling on a Tuesday this year, you’ll never find more ample parking on that particular day of the week, when select museums would normally be open for free.

Watch an IMAX Film — One museum you can count on being open on Christmas Day is the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. Its current schedule of IMAX films will immerse holiday-weary bipeds in beautiful nature documentaries that transport audiences to the ends of the earth in To the Arctic and follow the spectacular migration of the monarch butterfly in Flight of the Butterflies.

Explore Balboa Park’s Trail System — As the Park’s Central Mesa and the Zoo literally become a “zoo” between Christmas and New Years, you might consider “getting away from it all” by traveling some paths less taken. When was the last time you took your favorite four-legged friend along the Bridle Path under the Cabrillo Bridge, explored the entire length of Gold Gulch, or hiked the rugged terrain of Florida Canyon’s east slopes?

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