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Finding Love in Balboa Park this Valentine’s Day

Cosmos Blog, Balboa Park, Valentine's Day 2013, Culture & Cocktails event, San Diego Museum of ArtIt’s no coincidence that Balboa Park is one of the most popular venues for weddings in San Diego County. There seems to be a natural connection between picturesque gardens nestled among historic buildings and love. And I’m not talking puppy love here. I mean real love—the kind that never has to say, “I’m sorry I chewed your favorite Prada pump.”

If you already have a special someone and are looking to share more magical moments together, then there are some great packages available at Balboa Park museums and restaurants you might want to sniff out.

If you’re a lone wolf these days, don’t despair, there is still plenty of love to go around in Balboa Park.


Find Something You Love

From world-class art collections to awarding-winning gardens, there’s a lot to love in Balboa Park. For example, experience that transcendent moment that’s only possible when standing in front of a special painting. Or feel that deep connection that happens when quietly communing with a favorite natural setting. (I can suggest a few favorite trees if you like.)


Find Someone to Love

Balboa Park is like a real world In fact, if you do a search of “Balboa Park” on, you’ll find dozens of exercise and special interest groups that regularly meet in the Park.

And that doesn’t include the numerous social activities hosted by Balboa Park organizations, including the Natural History Museum’s hiking excursions, the San Diego Museum of Art’s Culture & Cocktails mixer, the Museum of Man’s Tower after Hours program, and the many dance groups that are open to the public.


Share Your Love of the Park

Take it from an old lap dog like me, love is just as much about giving as receiving. So why not explore the many volunteer opportunities available at almost any Balboa Park institution? In addition to doing something you love in a place you love, you just might meet that special someone to love who shares the same interests.

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