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Cosmos Bids a Fond Farewell

Cosmos the Dog, Babloa Park's prolific doggie blogger; ret. 2-7-2017Eight and a half years ago when I embarked on this blogging adventure to offer a dog’s-eye view of Balboa Park, I was a fresh-faced pup, exploring the park’s vast landscapes, lush gardens, historic buildings, and outdoor events for the very first time. It’s been quite a journey, discovering hidden gems, making new friends, and immersing myself in the rich cultural diversity that the park celebrates, honors, and preserves.

Having posted more than 450 blogs since 2008, I’ve decided it’s time for this old gal to set down her iPaw and spend more time enjoying her retirement. Fortunately, that means I’ll have that much more time to frolic in my beloved park!

So, how exactly do I plan to keep up to date on all the latest activities going on in the park if I’m not the one doing the updating?

For starters, I’ll continue to check the calendar every day and visit the Balboa Park Conservancy’s new website and blog.

I’ll also continue to stay connected through the following Balboa Park social media channels:

Balboa Park Facebook page

Balboa Park Conservancy Facebook page

Balboa Park Twitter feed

Balboa Park Instagram page

Balboa Park Conservancy Instagram page


In addition, I will bookmark the websites of a few of my favorite park attractions to stay abreast of what they’re up to:

Spreckels Organ Society – to learn about upcoming free organ concerts

Spanish Village Art Center – to hear about new exhibits and festivals in their pooch-friendly courtyard

House of Pacific Relations International Cottages – to know where my next meal is coming from in the form a weekly lawn program


I’d like to thank all my loyal readers for following this doggie blogspace over the years, and I hope to see you in the park soon!

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