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Cosmos’s Keys to New Year’s Resolution Success

I know many of my pack members have long since stopped making New Year’s resolutions. But between you, me, and the lamppost, I don’t think it’s because they’ve finally achieved a state of purebred awesomeness. They just grew tired of setting themselves up for failure.

Fortunately, a diverse recreational and cultural playground like Balboa Park offers a number of easy paths to the most common resolutions people make, as listed in a recent study.

Balboa Park, Florida Canyon, Desert Garden, fitness walkerLosing Weight

Many experts agree: this number one resolution on most people's lists is best achieved by taking simple daily steps, aka walking. The more than 65 miles of pooch-friendly marked trails in Balboa Park provide a wide variety of scenery to explore so your daily fitness routine never gets dull.

Saving Money

The best way to get the most bang for your hard-earned bones is to not spend any. Balboa Park museums offer free admission on Tuesdays on a rotating basis, and there are many free musical performances, family programs, and cultural festivals throughout the year. I guarantee you can find at least one free thing to do in the park each week—especially if you follow this blog.

Enjoying Life to the Fullest

Not everyone has the time or means to travel to exciting locations around the world. The fact that millions of people travel to San Diego each year to spend time in Balboa Park visiting its world-class cultural attractions is a pretty good sign that there are plenty of ways to live life to the fullest right here at home—without having to hire a pet sitter.

Staying Fit and Healthy

Balboa Park isn’t just the region’s most diverse cultural resource; it also features a wide array of fitness opportunities for people at any fitness level, including lawn bowling, archery, disc golf, badminton, ballroom and folk dancing, swimming, tennis, cycling, and ball chasing in a leash-free dog park.

Learning Something Exciting

There are more than 20 first-rate museums and performing arts organizations in Balboa Park, representing almost every branch of science, engineering, and the arts. If you can’t learn something exciting from them on a fairly regular basis, then congratulations, you already know everything there is to know--ever.

Spend More Time with Family

A pup-friendly approach underlies almost everything that happens in Balboa Park, and there are several organizations that specialize in it: the Marie Hitchcock Puppet Theater, Model Railroad Museum, San Diego Junior Theatre, Fleet Science Center, and San Diego Natural History Museum, just to name a few.

Odds are that New Year’s resolution you made this week will be a distant memory by summer. But if you take advantage of Balboa Park’s many amenities on a regular basis, you’ll be fulfilling the requirements of at least six different resolutions whether you had planned to or not.

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