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Cosmos’ Tips for Reconnecting with Your Packmates

Brownie writes: Dear Cosmos, I’ve been feeling a bit disconnected from my packmates of late. What’s the best way for us to reestablish our bonds?

Cosmos: I’ve been noticing more and more how our human companions have trouble doing any form of activity that doesn’t involve being leashed to a small electronic pad. Their interactions with local and distant packmates are now restricted to pressing a bunch of virtual buttons on said pad (which I now understand is NOT a chew toy—I’ll spare you the gory details).

While sometimes these pads facilitate bipeds in certain healthy activities they can do alone, like running along Balboa Park’s extensive trail system, they are a serious impediment to activities that require interactions with other mammals.

So I suggest they drop their pad’s leash in favor of their best friend’s leash to more fully participate in the following FREE park activities and to reconnect with their packmates:

Visit a Dog Park — An ideal way to expand your pack, especially if you are currently a pack of one (i.e., single). Never underestimate the degree to which headphones scream, “Don’t talk to me!”

Take a Guided Tour — Your best friend will love the new sights, sounds, and smells that you’ll be exposed to by park rangers and knowledgeable volunteers on the various tours available.

Visit the Spanish Village — This colorful courtyard is quite pooch friendly, allowing you to browse handcrafted artworks for sale and relax in a quaint community setting.

Explore the Gardens — While the rest of the world is green with envy this time of year, Balboa Park’s gardens are simply green. Why not rub it in by posting a few photos of your best bud in the Alcazar Garden on your Facebark page next time you’re leashed up to your pad?

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