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Balboa Park Eateries to Make Your Doggie Bag Runneth Over

Cosmos Blog, Ask Cosmos, SimbaSimba writes: Dear Cosmos, I wouldn’t mind so much being left home alone when my family visits Balboa Park museums if they would bring me a doggie bag once in a while. Can you recommend some good places for them to fetch one?

Cosmos: It always gives me paws to recommend exhibitions and indoor performances in this blogspace, because I know that means some four-legged friends will be left at home starring at the front door for hours.

It’s only right that you get your just desserts if they get theirs while chowing down at one of Balboa Park’s restaurants. Since I fried my keyboard with drool last time I wrote about Balboa Park eateries, I’ll try to limit myself to just a few recommendations this time.

The Prado Restaurant — As Balboa Park’s only full-service fine-dining establishment that doesn’t require zoo admission, The Prado serves generous portions that will give most diners plenty of doggie bag-worthy leftovers. In addition to dinner entrées, salads, sandwiches, and appetizers, The Prado also features the only cocktail bar in the Park.

Home Plate Sports Café — Located inside the Hall of Champions Museum, Home Plate is everything you’d expect in a sports café: big screen TVs, cozy wood paneling and tables, and, more importantly, burgers, wings, tacos, pulled pork, sliders, garlic fries, and beer!

Gro Café — The only eats in the Park for morning people, Gro Café, near the San Diego History Center, opens daily at 9am. In addition to a full espresso bar, they offer an assortment of pastries and breakfast food, along with custom-made sandwiches, and a bite-size menu for the pups.

Flight Path Grill — Tucked within the vast San Diego Air & Space Museum, the Flight Path Grill has a small, yet very family-friendly menu. My primary reason for including it here is that this is the only place in Balboa Park where your family can order a full-sized 16-inch pepperoni pizza. You can thank me later.

(Doggone it! I fried another keyboard!)

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