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Auld Lang Syne: Don’t Miss These Departing Exhibitions

Cosmos Blog, Balboa Park, The Horse exhibition, San Diego Natural History MuseumI’m happy to report that the New Year not only rings in new chew toys for yours truly, but also, for my bipedal readers, new exhibitions at Balboa Park’s various museums. However, in order to make way for them, we must bark farewell to some old favorites (though, I still haven’t figured out what happens to my old chew toys).

As I blogged about last week, 2012 was a particularly doggone good year for exhibitions. How good? As good as an indestructible chew toy (assuming such a thing exists).

Raising our doggie dishes in a toast to “times gone by” (that’s what “auld lang syne” ruffly means — I looked it up), here’s a shortlist of closing exhibitions that shouldn’t be missed:

The Horse (closes Jan. 20) — While I still await a major exhibition on dogs to come to the park, it’s good to see another worthy four-legged mammal get its due in such a comprehensive manner at the Natural History Museum.

Soapbox! The Audience Speaks (closes Jan. 27) — “Speak! Good girl!” I often hear. But what would happen if humans were allowed to express themselves so freely, in a museum context no less, by selecting the objects they want to have on exhibit? Find out at the Museum of Photographic Arts.

Behold, America! (closes Feb 10) — More importantly, “Behold what happens when San Diego’s three most important art museums collaborate on a three-venue exhibition!” (two of them being the Timken Museum of Art and The San Diego Museum of art, of course).

True Blue (closes Feb. 17) — Though dogs have a reputation for colorblindness, thankfully we can still detect the color blue. That enables us to truly appreciate the kinds of objects made in indigo, turquoise, cobalt, and lapis lazuli now on view at the Mingei Museum.

Make sure you don’t miss the next round of exhibitions by keeping at least one eye on the Balboa Park Calendar.

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