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Are You Already Dogging Your Fitness Resolutions?

This old girl has been around long enough to know that the third week of January is make-or-break time for new fitness regimens undertaken in the new year.

Florida Canyon trails, Balboa ParkBut my kids got sick, then I got sick, then I started having car troubles, then we had a week of bad weather, then I had to go on a business trip… are how the excuses usually begin to dog pile on one another about this time.

However, there’s really only one reason many people give up quickly on their fitness routines: boredom.

So what’s the solution? Look no further than your fury four-legged friends in the animal world who get all of their exercise through play! And what better place is there to play than Balboa Park!

While I’m not suggesting you have a friend repeatedly throw you a ball to chase down in one of Balboa Park’s grassy lawn areas (though I wouldn’t completely rule that out), I do suggest you explore the many recreational facilities available in the Park.

For example, how much more motivated would you be to continue in a walking or jogging regimen if, instead of circling around the same few neighborhood blocks, or *gasp* running on a treadmill while watching daytime TV, you could blaze a different trail through 1,200 acres of lush parkland every day? Or, instead of spinning nowhere fast in a sweaty gym, explore the same park trails on a real bicycle?

For those who’d rather cut a rug with a live partner instead of a DVD, there are plenty of dance classes available in Balboa Park as well, including types of dancing you won’t find in any gym: ballroom and folk.

If team and competitive sports get your juices flowing (and I don’t mean your salivary glands), I suggest checking out the Morley Field Sports Complex, Balboa Park Activity Center, and the Municipal Gymnasium for just about any ball-chasing activity you can imagine.

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