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Titanic opens at the San Diego Natural History Museum

I was Helen, 19, a first-class passenger in cabin B-49. Recently married, my husband Dickinson Bishop and I were returning from an extended honeymoon through Egypt, Italy, Spain, and France. I boarded the Titanic with over $10,000 in jewelry and my adorable puppy named Freu Freu, who I acquired during our honeymoon travels. I was pregnant.

This is what I learned from the White Star Line boarding pass I was given upon entry to “Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition,” a new special exhibition at the San Diego Natural History Museum. The exhibition takes visitors through the various areas of the ship to learn about the ship’s history and experience more than 200 artifacts from the wreck site.

There are menus, toothpaste caps, dishes, and shoes. Some artifacts reminded me of scenes in the Leo-Kate version of the Titanic story while others presented facts that were completely new. It’s a fascinating display.

Following are some shots from inside the exhibition. 


“Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition” is open through September 9, 2012. Tickets are available online, by phone, and in person at theNAT.

--Maren Dougherty

Photos by Michael Jackson.