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Timken Museum of Art releases iPad app for George Inness collection

The Timken Museum of Art has just released an iPad application featuring the works of 19th century painter George Inness. Users can zoom into the images to examine the details of his beautiful European landscape paintings. Favorite images can also be posted to Facebook or shared via email.

The free app is the Timken’s first offering in the mobile sphere and the first iPad app that a Balboa Park institution has launched. To develop the app, the Timken worked with the Balboa Park Online Collaborative (BPOC) and ArtFinder, a project that provides access to paintings from artists, galleries, museums, and collections around the world.

If you don’t have an iPad, or if you finish zooming and want to see the offline versions of oil on canvas, you can go to the Timken through September 18, 2011 to explore the special exhibition “George Inness in Italy.”  Admission is always free.

Techie Sneak Peek

We hear that other people go on vacation in August but that’s not our style at BPOC. This month we're launching several other exciting technology projects in the park, including:

Balboa Park Android App – When we launched the Balboa Park iPhone app last year, the most popular response was “OK, but do you have an Android app?” Clearly there was still great demand among the iOS crowd (we’ve had about 30,000 app downloads) but we’re excited to debut the Android version of the app later this month.  Stay tuned to this blog or our Balboa Park Facebook page for more details. And yes, it will be free.

New Information Kiosks – We’ve been working with the Friends of Balboa Park to develop a system for providing more comprehensive and up-to-date content via their on-site information kiosks. The two new kiosks are located at the corner of Pan American Plaza near the International Cottages and across Park Boulevard at the Inspiration Point tram stop.

Virtual Tours – Our fantastic Americorps intern Josh Hicks has been living in a world of Adobe Photoshop and Windows Gallery Live, stitching photos from museum, gardens, and other Park spaces. Sometimes I also find him waving his arms in front of an XBox Kinect console, meaning there’s very cool stuff in the works that we’ll reveal at a later date.