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Low and Slow Cars Cruise into the San Diego Auto Museum

Lowrider cars have long been a part of southern California’s history. These iconic cars have been making heads turn since the 1930’s. Now, visitors can experience a piece of this car culture at the San Diego Automotive Museum’s new exhibit “Lowrider Legends of San Diego.”

A lowrider car is an automobile with a lowered suspension designed to drive inches from the ground. Early lowrider cars were a part of the Mexican-American zoot suit fashion. Back then, they hid sand bags in their trunks to achieve the stylish low-to-the-floor look.

Lowrider Legends Car Exhibit San Diego Automotive Museum

Pickup with serious modifications


Truck with custom airbursh work 

Lowrider Legends Exhibit San Diego Auto Museum

So fluffy! 

They call him The Boss

Lowrider Legends Exhibit San Diego Auto Museum

Kids can ride low too

These cars have come a long way since the old sand bag days. Now, there are cars with multiple horns, loud paint jobs and even a disco ball. Every car in the exhibit had its own personality and it was apparent how much dedication was put into each one.

Next to each car was a story on a stand about the person who customized it. Many of the creators started their passion for lowrider cars at an early age. Once they saw one, they instantly fell in love with the unique look and worked hard to earn their own.

You can hear these stories in person when the San Diego Automotive Museum holds its exhibit reception on Friday, March 1. It will feature authentic Mexican food, dessert, beer and wine. Visitors will get a chance to meet exhibitors and local author/lowrider enthusiast Xavier the X-Man. For tickets and more information, visit the San Diego Automotive Museum website

-- Lyn Canilao