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The "Soul of San Diego," Balboa Park ranks as one of the most significant urban parks in the United States, covering 1,200 acres with more than 80 cultural, conservation, and recreation organizations. Major destinations at the park include the world-famous San Diego Zoo, The San Diego Museum of Art, The Old Globe, and The San Diego Natural History Museum. Balboa Park attracts 10-14 million visitors per year. Average Monthly Audience 
130,000+ Visitors
205,000+ Unique Views
820,000+ PageviewsAdvertise

Social Media Audience
108,000+ Facebook likes
37,000+ Twitter followers
9,400+ Instagram followers
2,000+ Google+ followers
800+ Pinterest followers
350+ Vine followers

45% Male; 55% Female
32% Age 18-34; 33% Age 35-49
58% Household Income $60,000+
67% Bachelor's Degree and above

Top Cities Website Visitors Come From
San Diego
Los Angeles
San Francisco
New York

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